When we started YDNS, it was a simple web service that allows people to create dynamic DNS hosts. The project has grown since then and many thousands of users are using YDNS to host their DNS records. Our promise is to keep the service for free — for it's entire lifecycle.

On the other hand, such a project generates cost. We have to spend money for servers, maintenance and improvements. Money that we don't have. Our company is pretty small and we run it next to our main occupation to build new great products. Working on a project like this with one developer takes time, especially if you're working for your main employer and on the own projects just after that.

We kindly ask our users to donate. If you like what we do and you like to keep it going, consider a donation. All donations go directly into funding the further operating and development of the project.

Thank you!


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Note: Since YDNS is run by a privately held company, we're not allowed to issue donation receipts. Read more